The Baby Bronx Bombers

Chasing the dreams of legends in pinstripes.

NYU Documentary Pitch Video

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The Story

A short documentary following the dreams of kids playing little league baseball in the backyard of the New York Yankees.

Like every kid dreams,

It's the bottom of the ninth, bases loaded, two outs, full count...

We want to tell the story about those dreams.

Our Mission


We are inspired by honest stories over manipulated stories. We believe authenticity is what people can relate to. And ultimately we believe stories connect communities and inspire change.

Our mission is to inspire kids to chase their dreams and for anyone watching to reconnect with the spirit of youthful ambition, captured through cinematic storytelling.

And also we want to create this project because its fun.


Stories build communities.

We are telling this story to build a community of not just Yankee or baseball fans, but a community of people who truly share our values of ambition. We want to reignite the feeling of passion in people's souls.

We will plan a social media campaign, pitch this story to partner organizations (like the social media teams for the Little League World Series and the New York Yankees), and plan a film festival circuit. Simply put we will hustle this story from the grass roots level.


Passion. Authenticity. Dream. Soulful. Contradiction. Transformation.

We will capture these emotions through a Verité style of documentary filmmaking. Our shooting philosophy will be centered on making our subjects feel as comfortable as possible, observing or directing when necessary. Music and colors will be edited with the goal to bring out and enhance raw emotions through a beautifully natural and subtle style.


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Ryan Huh is a lifelong NY Yankees fan growing up in New Jersey and cried watching Derek Jeter's final game. He is a wedding photographer and has created documentary projects in NYC, to Kenya, to Australia. All of which has taught him how to make people from all different cultures and backgrounds feel comfortable in front of the camera, creating a space for honest storytelling.

This project is being created as his thesis film as a student at NYU Tisch.

We need YOUR help finding the right subjects for this story!

If you are

a coach or parent of a 13 years old and under little league baseball player.

(its not important to us that your kids are the best little league players, but it is important to us that your kids play for the love and fun of the game!)

Believe in our mission...

To highlight life lessons learned from sports

Inspire more kids to play and be active

And capture the pure joy and youthful love for the game

And can commit to...

Provide consent from your little league team to be filmed.

Work together to create a schedule to film together multiple times between now and April

Potential filming locations may include at a little league baseball game, practicing at a public park, a personal space (like home) and team outings like a pizza party.


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*Note: Being created as an NYU student project, subjects will participate in a voluntary agreement and will not receive financial compensation for their time.