After 50 years of teaching Mr. Denicola is retiring. Through his years, Mr. Denicola has created one of the most successful high school band programs, in the state, or even country, but more importantly, his commitment and sacrifice to the band program has built lasting and meaningful relationships and a band family.

Retirement tribute video for John P Stevens High School Band Director, Mr. Denicola.

"Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life"

Having an older brother playing in the JP Stevens band as well, I felt a part of the JPS family long beyond my 4 years of high school. Dean's commitment and sacrifice to his students daily for 50 years has taught me the lesson of community: that if you put the time and effort into building relationships, you will truly be rewarded with growth and a strong community that will truly make your work feel so fulfilling.

Albert and Mary Denicola Memorial Scholarship

Inspired by the legacy of Mr.Denicola, I am planning a fundraiser for his scholarship (100% of proceeds will go towards the scholarship) With a donation to this fundraiser you will receive a mini photo session for headshots, family, and couples!

See you there!