Hi, I'm Ryan Huh

NYC based Documentary Style Wedding Photographer

I help couples who want their wedding photos to feel like the raw emotions and energy of the day forever by posing and capturing beautiful moments. 

My motivation is to create work that leaves a legacy and ultimately live a life rich in experiences.

I am 100% committed to perfecting my craft of storytelling and am on course to graduate with a bachelor's degree in the visual arts from NYU Tisch School of the Arts in the fall of 2024.

You ready to make magic?

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Personal Projects

I have created documentary projects in NYC, to Kenya, to Australia. My experience has taught me how to make people from all different cultures and backgrounds feel comfortable in front of the camera and allow their story to shine. Investing in these personal projects has pushed me to become a more empathetic and curious person and to truly be a student of the world.

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